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Investigator Spotlight: Erin Lange, MD

We are pleased to introduce one of four colorectal surgeons at UW Medicine, Erin Lange, MD, who practices at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center and is part of the UW Medicine Colorectal Surgery team.

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CERTAIN at Pacific Science Center Through December 3

The Pacific Science Center's new exhibit featuring CERTAIN surgeons and projects, Surgery + Innovation = A Better Way to Operate, is now open!

The new exhibit, which runs through December 3, explores advances in surgical training, patient empowerment, and surgical methods that are improving patient outcomes and, in some cases, may lead to a future where ailments that previously required surgery no longer do. CERTAIN surgeons Giana Davidson, Heather Evans, and Dave Flum; our CODA appendicitis study; and our mPOWEr surgical wound evaluator app are prominently featured.

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Upcoming Webinar to Feature CODA Appendicitis Study

On July 19, please join us for a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute webinar featuring Drs. Giana Davdison and Nathan Shapiro discussing stakeholder engagement in our CODA appendicitis study.

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CODA Advisory Group Spotlight

Engaging stakeholders is a core part of our CODA study. It provides an opportunity to keep stakeholders informed of our progress, get input on study related issues as needed, and understand how to best present this evidence to effectively inform decision-making.

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CODA Study Progress & Recruitment: A Year in Review

Since launching the CODA study just over a year ago:

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Science Exhibit to Feature CERTAIN Surgeons, Projects

CERTAIN surgeons and projects will be prominent in a new exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

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Study Site Spotlight: Skagit Regional Health

Skagit Regional Health—the umbrella name for Skagit Valley Hospital, Skagit Regional Clinics, and Cascade Valley Hospital and Clinics—launched the DEBUT study at their sites in December 2016. The DEBUT study grew out of a collaboration with the Surgical Care and Outcome Assessment Program (SCOAP), which Skagit Regional Health has participated in for many years. After DEBUT investigators Drs. David Flum and Giana Davidson contacted SCOAP’s physician champion at Skagit Regional Health, Dr. Allison Porter, to ask if they wanted to get involved in DEBUT, Dr. Porter became DEBUT’s physician champion as well.

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CERTAIN Receives Engagement Award to Study Patient-Generated Health Data

Congratulations to CERTAIN investigator Danielle Lavallee, PharmD, PhD, who recently received a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Engagement Award to support her project, “Using Patient-Generated Health Data to Transform Healthcare.” This PCORI award will provide funding for two years, beginning on April 1st, with a total award amount of $249,843.

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Announcing the Launch of our new INSPIRE Research Web Portal

The CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network is proud to launch our new web portal,

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