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Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Patient Advisory Group

CERTAIN is focused on conducting patient-centered research, which means that CERTAIN researchers and doctors actively seek out the patient perspective when developing, conducting, and evaluating research studies. A Patient Advisory Group was recently formed to inform development of the Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Study currently underway in the CERTAIN network. The PAD Patient Advisory Group had its first meeting on Wednesday, February 15. At this meeting, Patient Advisors helped PAD Study investigators improve their plans for recruiting participants in the study and for keeping them engaged throughout the study process.

Patient Advisory Groups are an important part of CERTAIN. It's just one of the ways that CERTAIN is partnering with all healthcare stakeholders to build a healthcare system that helps people get the information they need when they need it to make healthcare decisions.

If you have PAD and are interested in joining the PAD Patient Advisory Group, or if you would be interested in hearing about Patient Advisory Groups forming in other areas (for example, back pain) in the future, contact us to let us know!

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