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Despite spending more money on healthcare than any other industrialized nation, the United States lags considerably behind in most measures of healthcare quality, outcomes, costs and efficiency. Our healthcare system lacks the components of a learning healthcare system, which would allow for continuous evaluation of healthcare practices, care delivery, and experiences or patients and providers and for continual feedback, learning and improvement. What is needed is a system that:

  • Continuously tracks and assesses quality and costs;
  • Drives improvements in care by learning from the experiences of patients; and
  • Provides a mechanism for efficiently translating research evidence into clinical practice.

CERTAIN is Washington State’s learning healthcare system, a network of over 40 diverse healthcare provider organizations participating in continuous evaluation of healthcare delivery and learning to get to better patient care. CERTAIN is a suite of projects and programs to track quality, benchmark best practices, and drive improvement. A key part of CERTAIN is ensuring that all healthcare stakeholders have their input heard as to what is needed to improve the system. There are several ways for you to get involved in the work of CERTAIN:

  • Join an Advisory Group. Advisory groups are convened around project- or clinical area-specific and programmatic issues. Tell us what questions need to be asked and how CERTAIN can best answer those questions. Help us review and evaluate data, disseminate results, and apply evidence to clinical practice.
  • Take Part in a Multi-Stakeholder Forum. Forms are convened around broad clinical or other focus areas. These groups bring multiple stakeholders together to share perspectives and build a community around a common set of issues.
  • Join (or Tell Your Patients About) the CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network (PAN). The PAN is an avenue for patients and their family members and caregivers to tell us what information is important when making healthcare decisions.

Tell us how you want to be involved in CERTAIN! Complete our survey to let us know your interests and how we can better allow you to make your voice heard.

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