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CERTAIN Partner Profile: Dr. Leonard Su, PAD Clinician

CERTAIN projects and programs depend on the input of stakeholders who will use evidence and results generated by CERTAIN to inform healthcare decisions. We spoke with one such stakeholder, Dr. Leonard Su, a vascular surgeon and an active partner in the CERTAIN PAD Study, to find out why he decided to join CERTAIN's efforts and champion CERTAIN activities among his colleagues and patients.

Dr. Leonard T. Su is a vascular surgeon at Lake Washington Vascular, a vascular surgery practice focusing on total vein and artery health. Lake Washington Vascular (LWV) is a practice of 5 physicians, 3 ARNPs, and 1 PA-C practicing at 3 locations - EvergreenHealth Medical Center (Kirkland), Overlake Medical Center (Bellevue), and Highmark Medical Center (Issaquah). Dr. Su and his colleagues at LWV have been active participants in the CERTAIN PAD Study, and Dr. Su believes that the PAD Study fits in well to the approach LWV takes with its patients - in particular, says Dr. Su, "[the PAD Study] allows a comprehensive evaluation of our current practices - from diagnosis to management to intervention and all phases in between. Tracking our outcomes over time longitudinally can be a very powerful tool in making the best decisions for management of our patients. At the same time, participating in a study that can improve overall outcomes with broader applications beyond our practice also fits our long term practice models." Dr. Su is particularly enthusiastic about the PAD Study and CERTAIN because of its base in real-world, community-based practice. " I think the study itself is important to our clinic specifically as we are a private practice, and I believe community-based evaluations can greatly benefit both us as well as the study itself. Through the PAD Study, we evaluate our practices in the backdrop of the greater community as a whole, including university, hospital-based, [and] private practices such as ours. Meanwhile the PAD study group itself benefits from participants such as us by gathering data from the broader community, as opposed to studies centered at only one or two main institutions. This large diversified pool of data has much better application to the general vascular surgical community as a whole."

Are you interested in partnering with CERTAIN? Tell us about your interests, and we will contact you as opportunities that might be a fit for you arise.

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