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CERTAIN Launching Research Prioritization Activities in Spine Care

What are the important questions in spine research? CERTAIN is asking you to tell us what you think!

A key component of CERTAIN is allowing all healthcare stakeholders to have their input heard as to what is needed to improve the system, and now is your time to get involved to help us determine what questions need to be answered in spine care.

The CERTAIN community is open now and accepting your ideas, questions, votes, and comments for spine care. Through this online forum, we hope to identify a range of ideas and topics from people with diverse perspectives. Let your input be heard by registering as a community user and posting what you think are the important questions to ask in spine care at Registered members will receive a weekly email digest summarizing ideas submitted in your chosen clinical area, so that you can stay involved in the conversation by commenting on others’ ideas and voting to indicate your support.

CERTAIN’s research prioritization activities in spine care will be carried out in two phases:
  • Phase 1 (open 7/1-7/26) – submit the ideas and questions that you think are important, and vote and comment on ideas others have submitted. Ideas are being collected through CERTAIN’s IdeaScale community, a system that allows users to post ideas and have conversations around them, letting the best and most popular ideas bubble up to the top. Spine and vascular are set up as two separate campaigns, allowing you to easily identify ideas and questions submitted for your clinical area of interest.
  • Phase 2 (opening 8/5) – participate in a virtual workgroup that will rank and prioritize ideas and questions generated, to produce CERTAIN spine and vascular research priorities lists. More details on how to participate in this phase are forthcoming.
Questions or comments? Contact Sarah Lawrence, Project Manager for CERTAIN Stakeholder Engagement, at


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