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CERTAIN Partner Spotlight: UroSCOAP Quality Improvement and Physician Champion, Dr. John Corman

In the last year, the UroSCOAP quality improvement (QI) program continued to build out QI modules in sites across Washington State. This includes two active working groups, prostate and stress urinary incontinence, as well as many opportunities for further engagement.  Highlights of activities in both urology QI modules include all hospitals now having the opportunity to participate in the SCOAP hosted prostatectomy QI module. Current data review includes 530 prostatectomy cases across 9 hospital sites as of Q2 2013.  In stress urinary incontinence, data has been collected across three clinic sites. Next steps in 2014 for this module include a data review, refining the data abstraction tool, and research prioritization activities. In addition, sites participating in both modules have the opportunities for clinics to collect Patient Reported Outcome data on their prostate cancer patients through June 2014.
We recently interviewed Dr. John Corman, urologist at Virginia Mason, participant and champion of the UroSCOAP quality improvement initiative. Dr. Corman has been an active participant in the development of these QI modules, as well as CERTAIN urology research efforts. Dr. Corman states his enthusiasm for the program, “My institution has long recognized the importance of quality care initiatives- any and every opportunity to evaluate what we do and how we do it. So, this opportunity in urology is an excellent collaborative effort to critically assess how we do what we do, and to look for opportunities to improve the outcomes of the patients that we take care of.” In particular to how UroSCOAP QI and research is different Dr. Corman says, “The aspect of this initiative that is unique to the UroSCOAP and CERTAIN partnership, is that it’s not just the providers that are at the table.  Hospital administrators, potentially payers, and patient advocacy group are all involved in this effort.  I think that this comprehensive approach to quality initiatives is a unique component of this program – it recognizes that care provision isn’t isolated to clinicians who are interested in hard stats or hard outcomes, it’s what does the care cost, are we providing value, are we providing quality impact on whom we serve?  It’s the financial impact on our hospitals providing the care in the first place. This is a unique effort that brings all of the players and all of the related people in the field at the same time.” 

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