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CERTAIN at Pacific Science Center Through December 3

The Pacific Science Center's new exhibit featuring CERTAIN surgeons and projects, Surgery + Innovation = A Better Way to Operate, is now open!

The new exhibit, which runs through December 3, explores advances in surgical training, patient empowerment, and surgical methods that are improving patient outcomes and, in some cases, may lead to a future where ailments that previously required surgery no longer do. CERTAIN surgeons Giana Davidson, Heather Evans, and Dave Flum; our CODA appendicitis study; and our mPOWEr surgical wound evaluator app are prominently featured.

A few photos from the exhibit are featured below. You can also watch a video featuring Dr. Giana Davidson talking about our CODA appendicitis study.

If you're a Seattle local, or if you're visiting Seattle this year, we invite you to come to the Pacific Science Center to see our work and learn more about surgery and surgical research. The exhibit runs through December 3, 2017.

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