Be CERTAIN of the quality of care you deliver.

CERTAIN is a unique platform for evaluations of the comparative benefits, risks, and costs of clinical care. Realistically assessing the risks and benefits of new or emerging treatments is an important component of how a healthcare system learns from itself and becomes a learning healthcare system. To date, clinicians and healthcare policymakers have not had a system to inform whether new interventions and emerging technology really improves healthcare. CERTAIN is a part of the answer to building the learning healthcare system. 

CERTAIN is the partner effort to the Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP), working with clinicians and hospitals to optimize healthcare delivery through a partnership of research and quality improvement initiatives. Hospitals participating in CERTAIN help shape the national healthcare agenda regarding patient-centered research and healthcare reform. CERTAIN goes beyond the scope of the in-hospital experience through linking quality improvement registries like Washington State’s SCOAP to records from outpatient facilities, statewide payer healthcare and administrative claims data, the Washington State vital status registry, and the CERTAIN Survey Center that gathers long term quality of life and functional status information on patients. The resulting CERTAIN research dataset provides clinicians and investigators with a longitudinal record of data for surgical and interventional treatment and postā€operative outcomes to allow for comprehensive comparative evaluation of healthcare strategies and quality improvement efforts.

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Your hospital can take an active role in creating a learning healthcare system in Washington State:

  • Join CERTAIN and share your hospital’s data for QI and effectiveness investigations.
  • Identify a CERTAIN champion to participate in the CERTAIN advising council and help us shape how we can make CERTAIN successful.
  • Contact us to indicate your interest in learning more, and we will help you get started from there!