Patient Voices

The role patients, caregivers, and family members play in healthcare and healthcare research is rapidly evolving. The traditional paradigm, placing patients as passive recipients of care and information, is shifting to one where patients are seen as partners and collaborators not only in the care they receive but in how evidence is generated. CERTAIN Patient Voices supports collaboration between patient, research, and clinician communities to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and research.

Patient Voices has three primary goals:

  • To develop and sustain meaningful and interactive collaborations with the Patient Advisory Network to help inform the research process – from the questions asked to the dissemination of research findings;
  • To develop and sustain a patient- reported outcomes (PROs) registry that complements clinical data used as part of the Washington State Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP) quality improvement initiatives; 
  • To facilitate real-time use of PROs in practice to assist patient and clinician communication and decision-making at the point-of-care, in addition to developing benchmarking data for public access and use.
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Hospitals and clinicians benefit from the CERTAIN Patient Voices Project by:

  • Reducing personnel costs and time burden of medical record review.
  • Capturing post-intervention outcomes that may not currently be available to your hospital, such as treatment occurring at other care facilities or patient symptoms not requiring treatment.
  • Accessing patients outside of the hospital to ask important questions about their health status.

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