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Back Pain Patient Advisory Group Convenes

On January 27, 2014, the CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network convened an advisory group for back pain, as part of a project funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), led by Dr. Janna Friedly. The goal for the meeting was 3-fold 1) to provide an overview of current research activities underway, 2) to present preliminary findings from recent focus groups informing work in spinal stenosis, and 3) to generate discussion about collaboration with patients moving forward. The meeting provided an opportunity for patients and researchers to come together in discussion around the important issues for those who experience back pain, in a continuing effort to ensure the research we do meets the needs of patients and their clinicians and helps to inform real-world decisions. We heard important insights about how patients experience pain versus how researchers measure pain and other topics of interest, such as exercise and nutrition aspects not often covered in research. The Back Pain Patient Advisory Group currently plans to meet twice a year, with the next meeting scheduled for Fall 2014. Members of this group will learn more about current research initiatives, provide input on ongoing studies, and, if interested, collaborate on future studies. Are you someone who experiences back pain who would like to join this group? Contact us for more details.

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