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Save the Date: Patient Voices Annual Symposium

We are pleased to announce the second annual Patient Voices Annual Research Meeting, to be held this year on Monday, November 3, 2:30pm - 5:00pm on the University of Washington Seattle Campus. Join us in bringing together patients and researchers interested in working together to shape a new course for collaboration in medical research. Our meeting goals are to 1) provide concrete examples of patient-researcher partnerships, 2) discuss ways to improve and expand patient-researcher collaborations within the community, and 3) stimulate and encourage networking between patients and researchers who have common interests. 

The meeting agenda can be viewed below. Please be sure to RSVP for the meeting at! We will be assigning seating during the meeting to facilitate conversation and networking among participants with similar interests, so your RSVP is very important!*

*Invited colleagues and friends are welcome, but please ask them to complete the RSVP survey for themselves as well. Please also complete even if you are unable to attend the meeting - we are interested in everyone's questions and will be sending a meeting summary after the meeting for those who were unable to attend.

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