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Would YOU Randomize? CERTAIN Asked - You Answered

For the past 100 years appendectomy, or surgical removal of one’s appendix, has been the primary treatment for appendicitis—in fact, two high-profile celebrities, Rafael Nadal and Anderson Cooper, recently underwent surgeries for appendicitis. But new scientific evidence from Europe is challenging the notion that surgery is the best course of treatment for the disease. Five randomized trials involving over 1000 patients have shown favorable results for using antibiotics to treat appendicitis.

In a blog post last month, CERTAIN posed this question to the public: If you had appendicitis, would you be willing to join a study that would randomize you (a 50% chance, or flip of a coin) to “surgery ” or “antibiotics?”

We received an overwhelming number of responses and a wide range of reasons people chose the way they did (although providing a reason was not required). Here’s what respondents had to say:

Appendectomy vs. Antibiotics – Would YOU Randomize?

Total Responses: 809

Yes: 365 people (45.5%)

No: 332 people (41%)

Unsure: 109 people (13.5%)

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