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Patient Input Vital in New Projects at CERTAIN

As summer vacations are ending and we move into the fall, we are busy at CERTAIN starting up new projects! Read on to learn more about new projects that will be actively engaging patients, caregivers, and others throughout.

Comparison of Outcomes of Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA)
As mentioned in the March newsletter, feedback from the Patient Advisory Network was vital in the development of a proposal to thePatient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) that would randomize (i.e., a 50% chance, or flip of a coin) participants with appendicitis to their treatment - surgery or antibiotics. The input we received from the Patient Advisory Network helped us support our argument that a study like this needs to be done, and we are pleased to announce that we recently received notice that we will receive the funding for this project! We anticipate that CODA will begin in the next few months. We will be developing a Patient Advisory Group for this project that will meet on a quarterly basis.
Understanding Quality of Care for Patients with Diverticulitis
CERTAIN researchers recently started a new project that is looking at how surgery for diverticulitis affects patients' lives. Our current work is focused on understanding why doctors and patients make the decision to move to surgery and how diverticulitis in general and surgery for diverticulitis impact patients' day-to-day lives. We plan to use the findings from this work to inform other patient-centered studies of diverticulitis in the future. We are working on building a Diverticulitis Patient Advisory Group that will partner with us throughout our current project and as we develop future projects. We anticipate that the Diverticulitis Patient Advisory Group will meet twice yearly.
Patient Advisors help researchers develop recruitment processes and materials, think through communication strategies, and think through how researchers can best capture information on patient experiences. If you are interested in learning more about the CODA or Diverticulitis Patient Advisory Groups or the diagnostic testing project, contact Sarah Lawrence at

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