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CERTAIN Projects Seeking Partners: mPOWEr and INFORM

The CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network is building a community of individuals who want to inform or partner in the broad range of healthcare research underway and being developed in CERTAIN. We currently have two opportunities that we are exploring and need Patient Partners who are interested in helping us develop patient-centered research studies. If you are interested in getting involved with either of the projects described below, or if you would like to post your partnership opportunity in a future newsletter, please contact Sarah Lawrence at or (206) 221-7453 to learn more.

1. mPOWEr – Reducing Infections after Survey and Improving Patient-Doctor Communication
Recently, a number of research studies have documented that the majority of wound infections that complicate surgery happen after people leave the hospital. These surgical site infections are costly and account for the highest rate of readmissions of any complication after surgery. mPOWEr, the mobile Post-Operative Wound Evaluator, is a mobile app created by a University of Washington researcher to help patients track their surgical wounds and enhance communication with their surgical providers via secure transmission of symptom and wound photo reporting. We hope that this app will be an effective tool to help providers and patients make timely, personalized decisions and improve the post-operative post-discharge care experience. An initial pilot study of mPOWEr use after surgery has uncovered some challenges in adopting this mobile platform, and CERTAIN is interested in understanding how to best incorporate mobile health (mHealth) apps to transform post-discharge care for surgical patients. Patient Partners on this project would help us to devise the best approach to introduce mPOWEr to patients having surgery and to design our study to ensure that patients will participate.

2. CERTAIN's INFORM project, which stands for Improving Nursing Facility Outcomes using Real-Time Metrics, is working to improve the health of patients who receive specialized care after a stay in the hospital. In 2016, part of INFORM's focus will be on improving transitions between the hospital and skilled nursing facility. We would like to talk with patients, caregivers, and family members who have experienced a transition from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility about what the transition process was like.

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