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New Project: Using Patient-Generated Health Data to Transform Healthcare


Patient-generated health data includes information that individuals track about their health, well-being and activity. Examples include logging exercise as part of health goals, tracking symptoms after a new treatment is started, or monitoring sleep to determine if changes in habits improve the quality of sleep. Technology advancements with smartphones, health apps, and wearable devices allow efficient capture and reporting of this information at the individual level, yet a clear path doesn’t exist for adoption of this information into healthcare systems to support patient care and population health.

We are excited to share that the CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network has been awarded an Engagement Award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to explore this topic! Led by Danielle Lavallee, the project aims to bring together community to understand how patient-generated health data informs patient care; the value patients, clinicians, and others in the healthcare delivery system place on this data; and the challenges these groups face when interpreting and incorporating this data. Ultimately, we hope to shape the research agenda necessary to inform the use of technologies capturing patient-generated health data to improve patient care.

We look forward to getting this work underway and will provide updates as this project evolves!

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Congratulations on the patient generated health data PCORI grant funding!

Congratulations! That is exciting news and a fascinating study!

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