For Patients

This page contains tools and resources specific to patient partners including glossaries and jargon busters, information on how research is funded and the experience of taking part in research, and opportunities for involvement. 

Glossaries of Terminology and Jargon Busters

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Glossary
Plain-English glossary helps you make sense of the terms doctors often use.

INVOLVE Jargon Buster
This jargon buster or glossary of words contains the definitions of some of the terms commonly used in public involvement in research. 

How Research is Funded

North American Primary Care Research Group: Beginning Research Modules
Research overview and introductory grants training gered toward junior researchers.

Other Opportunities for Involvement

Patient and public involvement in research
Find out about the experience of taking part in research as a patient or member of the public, including reasons for getting involved, what activities and tasks are required, and the value of patient and public involvement in research.