Spinal Stenosis & Steroid Injections (LESS & LESSER)

A common cause of discomfort, pain, and disability in older adults is lower back pain due to narrowing of the spinal canal commonly known as spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is one of the most common causes of low back pain among older adults, but we still do not know which treatments for spinal stenosis are most effective, nor do we know what outcomes are most important to these older adults. 

The Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections for Spinal Stenosis (LESS and LESSER) projects seek to answer a number of questions about spinal stenosis:

Outcomes of Treatment

  • What are the most important treatment outcomes to older adults with spinal stenosis?
  • Do tools that exist to measure outcomes for pain and function adequately reflect what is most important to older adults with spinal stenosis?
  • What is the minimum improvement from epidural steroid injections that older adults with spinal stenosis consider worthwhile?

Tools to Aid Decision-Making

  • Do decision aids tailored to older adults with spinal stenosis change decision-making?
  • Do patients respond differently at subsequent outcome assessment timepoints after receiving tailored decision aids that contain their own individual outcome data from prior treatments?

Long-Term Effects of Steroid Injections

  • What are the long-term risks and benefits of steroid injections for spinal stenosis?
  • Who is most likely to benefit long-term from steroid injections for spinal stenosis?

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