Spine Care

CERTAIN is helping patients be certain of the quality of care they receive by:

  • Bringing together all involved in spine care, including patients, through the Spine Care Forum;
  • Partnering with Spine SCOAP to track healthcare treatments and outcomes; and 
  • Conducting research into how different treatments work for different patients.

Low back pain is common and expensive, with estimated annual associated costs for patients, employers, and insurers exceeding $25 billion in the United States each year. There are many treatments for low back pain, with varying degrees of invasiveness, from physical therapy to steroid injections to surgery. Surgical and other interventional procedures are being increasingly used, but many questions need to be addressed to make sure that the greatest number of people with chronic back pain get the right treatments at the right time. There is little consensus about which treatments work best for which types of patients.

CERTAIN includes input from all people involved in spine care, from patients, doctors, insurance companies, and policymakers, in the development of initiatives to improve clinical care. The CERTAIN Spine Care Forum was created to bring together these groups into a community that will commonly “own” the issues facing those who are receiving, providing, and paying for the treatment of chronic back pain. Through the Spine Care Forum, stakeholders are coming together to share their perspectives and work toward agreement on ways to improve the safety, quality, and effectiveness of spine care.

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