Appendicitis Care

Appendicitis is a condition that occurs when a person's appendix becomes infected and inflamed and usually causes severe abdominal pain. Appendicitis the most common surgical emergency in children as well as the most common reason for urgent abdominal surgery overall—approximately 300,000 people undergo an appendectomy in the US each year. Given the prevalence of appendicitis, CERTAIN is evaluating the current landscape for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease while exploring options that best fit the needs and priorities of patients.  

Current Projects:

Antibiotics-First Registry 
Capturing information about patient outcomes following an antibiotics-first approach for treating appendicitis.

Appendicitis Patient Pre-Hospital Experience (APPE) Survey 
Evaluating patient pre-hospital decision-making for patients experiencing acute appendicitis.





Researching patient-centered outcomes for the treatment of appendicitis with either surgery or antibiotics.

Safe and Sound 
Improving care for children with appendicitis by improving the availability, use, and quality of ultrasound.


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