Opioid Minimization

Undertreated pain, opioid related adverse events, and prescription opioid abuse remain important public health problems. Strategies for helping patients to achieve pain relief and also minimize their use of opioids are needed now more than ever to reduce opioid related adverse events. To that end, CERTAIN developed a perioperative opioid minimization strategy that can be easily implemented into clinic workflow. 

CERTAIN's comprehensive opioid minimization program includes:

  1. Opioid minimization checklist as a tool to standardize the communication between clinicians and their patients and direct risk screening and reducing steps.
  2. Companion education and informational materials for healthcare administrators, clinicians and patients.
  3. An implementation guide designed to assist doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals in successfully incorporating an opioid minimization program in their daily workflow.

Interested in CERTAIN's opioid minimization program? Contact us to learn how to get the Implementation Guide.