Strong for Surgery is an initiative aimed at identifying and evaluating evidence-based practices to optimize the health of patients prior to surgery.  

Over the past several years, Strong for Surgery worked with stakeholders from across Washington State to raise awareness of key factors in pre-surgical care that can improve post-operative outcomes. The quality improvement tools generated by this initiative have helped hospitals, clinicians, and patients to implement best practices toward optimizing patient health for surgery.

The first Strong for Surgery initiative addressed pre-operative nutrition intervention, a priority topic identified by SCOAP clinicians and quality leaders. Nutritional status is a major determinant of outcome for the high-risk surgical patient and is one of the most important pre-operative predictors of outcome in any type of surgery.

The objectives of Strong for Surgery’s smoking cessation initiative were to educate clinical staff and patients about the added risk smoking contributes to negative surgical outcomes (e.g., surgical site infections, hospital readmissions) and to provide information about smoking cessation options. The program also includes recommendations around presurgical optimization of blood sugar and managment of medications.

In October 2015, the American College of Surgeons announced it would adopt the Strong for Surgery program, and oversight of the program will shift to ACS in the coming year.  


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