How can I be “Strong for Surgery?”

Every year, 15 million Americans have some kind of surgery. If you are going to have surgery, it is important to learn about the potential risks you might face, and what you can do to prepare so that you have the best possible results. You have an important role in your recovery.

Strong for Surgery is a program in Washington State that is working with doctors and hospitals to provide tools like checklists that doctors can use to assess your risks in four target areas; nutrition, blood sugar control, smoking and medications. You can lower your risk by being better prepared for surgery.

Strong for Surgery has developed tools and resources for patients facing surgery that are available here on the website. We suggest that you use them when you talk with your doctor. Bring copies of the checklists along to your visit and ask your doctor if any of these things would be helpful for you. Click any of the icons below to learn more.

  • Eat Well

    Eat Well

  • Blood Sugar

    Blood Sugar

  • Quit Smoking

    Quit Smoking

  • Medicines


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