Strong for Surgery Spotlight: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

The November Strong for Surgery Spotlight focuses on the excellent work being done at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Joseph Frankhouse, MD, is a colorectal surgeon with Legacy Medical Group – Gastrointestinal Surgery, and serves as Medical Director of the Center for Colorectal Cancer at Good Samaritan. He championed the Strong for Surgery program with the Center’s program planning group and started using the nutritional checklist in January 2013. By April the four checklists had been adapted into the EMR system of Legacy Health, and both Dr. Frankhouse and his clinical partner, Dr. Alizah Rotramel, MD, were using these tools. In addition, Strong for Surgery implementation was adopted as a Legacy Cancer Institute program goal for 2013.

The colorectal cancer program at Legacy Health had developed quality improvement processes over the past several years, so the ground work was in place to implement the Strong for Surgery Program. During review of the program, the Legacy Cancer Institute collaborated with key personnel needed to make the program successful, including inpatient and outpatient dietitians, pharmacists, pre-admission services, and administration staff. As part of the program start-up, the decision was made to provide the nutritional supplement to patients at no charge, and to distribute it during a patient’s pre-admission visit.

To read the rest of article and the November 2013 Newsletter, click here.

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