CERTAIN Hub is a web-based portal for improving patient data collection and for delivering programs aimed at improving health and healthcare. Accessed by patients at home or in the doctor's office, the Hub collects information about current health status directly from patients through a user-friendly electronic survey. The Hub automatically offers patients personalized information and resources for improving their health, and at the same time provides physicians with important baseline patient information.

Physicians want to know the care they provide has a measurable impact on their patients’ health and quality of life. Through CERTAIN Hub, patients are surveyed at key intervals prior to and following a procedure to assess their health status and improvement. This unprecedented level of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) data is helping to transform clinical practice and improve healthcare delivery.


  • Accessed by patient at home or in the clinic by computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone
  • Electronically collects baseline patient-reported health status and patient-reported outcomes (PROs)
  • Enrolls patients in follow-up surveys at key intervals after a procedure to assess health status and improvement
  • Incorporates Strong for Surgery pre-surgical checklists to collect risk information directly from the patient, and provides educational resources to help optimize health prior to surgery

Quality Data for Improving Care

Gathering accurate and actionable information from patients about their healthcare experience has traditionally been a challenge due to low patient response rates and cumbersome data collection methods. CERTAIN Hub is designed to make this process user-friendly for patients while seamlessly integrated into clinical practice.

CERTAIN Hub automates and standardizes the data collection process while reducing administrative burden to clinic staff. The patient-facing electronic survey captures baseline health information as well as contact information and follow-up mode preferences. By utilizing multi-modal approaches (phone calls, emails, text messages, and paper mailers) for follow-up surveys, the Hub achieves an above-average patient response rate around 70%. Physicians can feel confident in the completeness and quality of their data, and use it to improve their healthcare delivery.