Team & Sites

*Media contacts for individual sites are listed below. To contact CODA Trial leadership, contact Sarah Lawrence (, 206-221-7453)  

Principal Investigators

David R. Flum, MD, MPH, University of Washington School of Medicine

David Talan, MD, University of California, Los Angeles Geffen School of Medicine

Clinical Coordinating Center 

Director: Giana Davidson, MD, MPH

Project Manager: Erin Carney Fannon

Data Coordinating Center

Director: Patrick Heagerty, PhD

Operations Director: Bryan Comstock, MS

DCC Lead Statistician: Sarah Monsell, MS

Stakeholder Coordinating Center

Director: Sarah Lawrence, MA (formerly Danielle Lavallee, PharmD, PhD)

Patient Advisory Board: Bonnie Bizzell, MBA, MEd (Chair); Kimberly Deeney; Mary Guiden; Miriam Hernandez; Elliott Skopin; Heather VanDusen; Meridith Weiss

National Advisory Board: Emily E. Anderson, PhD, MPH (Loyola University Chicago); Darrell A. Campbell, Jr, MD (University of Michigan Health System); Fergal Fleming, MD (University of Rochester Medical Center); David B. Hoyt, MD (American College of Surgeons); SreyRam Kuy, MD, MHS (South Central VA Health Care Network); Daniel Lessler, MD, MHA (Qualis Health); JJ Tepas III, MD (University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville); Richard W. Whitten, MD, MBA (Noridian Health Solutions)

Executive Committee

Chair: Larry Kessler, ScD


Bellevue Hospital Center NYU School of Medicine

Surgery Lead: Onaona Gurney, MD

Emergency Lead: Whillam Chiang, MD

Former Surgery Lead: Patricia Ayoung-Chee, MD, MPH

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Charles Parsons, MD

Emergency Lead: Nathan Shapiro, MD

Former Surgery Lead: Stephen Odom, MD

Boston Medical Center

Surgery Leads: F. Thurston Drake, MD, MPH; and Sabrina Sanchez, MD, MPH

Media Contact: Jazmin Holdway, (617) 638-6838 

Columbia University Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Katherine Fischkoff, MD

Emergency Lead: Aleksandr Tichter, MD, MS

Media Contact: Lucky Tran, (212) 305-3689

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Daniel DeUgarte, MD

Emergency Lead: Amy Kaji, MD, PhD

Media Contact: Enrique Rivero, (310) 267-7120 

Harborview Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Joseph Cuschieri, MD

Emergency Lead: Amber Sabbatini, MD, MPH

Former Surgery Lead: Heather Evans, MD, MS

Media Contact: Brian Donohue, (206) 543-7856

Henry Ford Hospital

Surgery Leads: Jeffrey Johnson, MD; and Joe Patton, MD

Media Contact: David Olejarz, (313) 303-0606

Madigan Army Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Vance Sohn, MD

Emergency Lead: Karen McGrane, MD

Former Surgery Lead: Kevin Clive, MD

Maine Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Damien Carter, MD

Media Contact: Caroline Cornish, (207) 662-5146

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Jon Wisler, MD

Former Surgery Lead: Amy Rushing, MD

Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Darin Saltzman, MD, PhD

Emergency Leads: David Talan, MD; and Gergory Moran, MD

Media Contact: Jessica Kuo

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

Surgery Lead: Careen Foster, MD

Emergency Lead: Brandon Tudor, MD

Media Contact: Casey Calamusa, (425) 304-0590 

Rush University Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Thea Price, MD

Swedish Medical Center 

Surgery Lead: Kate Mandell, MD

Media Contact: Tiffany Moss

Tisch Hospital NYU Langone Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Onaona Gurney, MD

Emergency Lead: William Chiang, MD

UCHealth University of Colorado

Surgery Lead: Lisa Ferrigno, MD, MPH

Emergency Lead: Matthew Salzberg, MD, MBA

Media Contact: Mark Couch or Shelly Lange

University of Iowa Healthcare

Surgery Lead: Dionne Skeete, MD

Emergency Lead: Brett Faine, PharmD, MS

Media Contact: Jennifer Brown, (319) 621-5266

University of Michigan Medical Center

Surgery Leads: Pauline Park, MD; and Hasan Alam, MD

Media Contact: Kylie Urban, (734) 764-2220

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Matthew Hutcher, MD, MS

Emergency Lead: Alan Jones, MD 

Media Contact: Karen Bascom, (601) 815-3940

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Surgery Lead: Lillian Kao, MD, MS

Media Contact: Amy Laukka

University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital

Surgery Lead: Mike Liang, MD

Media Contact: Amy Laukka

University of Washington Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Giana Davidson, MD, MPH

Emergency Lead: Amber Sabbatini, MD, MPH

Media Contact: Brian Donohue, (206) 543-7856

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Emergency Lead: Wes Self, MD, MPH

Former Surgery Lead: Callie Thompson, MD 

Media Contact: Craig Boerner, (615) 322-4747

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Surgeon Lead:Abigail Wiebusch, MD

Emergency Lead: Juliana Yu, MD

Media Contact: Gale Robinette

Weill Cornell Medical Center

Surgery Lead: Robert Winchell, MD

Emergency Lead: Sunday Clark, ScD, MPH