CERTAIN is a program working with clinicians and hospitals to optimize interventional healthcare delivery through a partnership of research and quality improvement initiatives.

Surgical procedures and surgical and invasive interventions span the continuum of healthcare conditions and account for nearly half of all health spending, but unfortunately, healthcare delivery and outcomes vary widely between communities, hospitals, and surgeons. Every day, new devices and technology are brought into healthcare based on a hope that they will add value to an already strapped system. Being able to track on how this new technology is delivered as well as its risks, benefits, and value is critical in assessing whether these advances really improve health of patients and the healthcare system. CERTAIN was built to help the healthcare community monitor care delivery and new technologies and learn from care it delivers.

The Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP) was developed to improve the safety, quality, and effectiveness of surgical care by giving healthcare systems the information they need about their own performance and best practices so that they can optimize clinical quality. SCOAP created a data sharing platform across almost every hospital in Washington State that gives them the ability to use benchmarked performance data and quality improvement interventions to save lives, improve quality, and reduce unnecessary costs. By partnering with SCOAP, CERTAIN creates a learning healthcare system focused on improving the effectiveness, quality, and safety of surgical and interventional care.

CERTAIN adds a patient-centered focus by allowing patient voices to weigh in on the outcomes of healthcare through surveys, social media, and stakeholder forums. In this way, the total impact of healthcare interventions are assessed. By combining comparative effectiveness research and patient-centered approaches with the power of the SCOAP network of hospitals, Washington State has a unique tool to assess what works and then translate it back into use across our communities. CERTAIN maximizes its impact and relevance by partnering with all Washington State healthcare stakeholders - patients, policymakers, regulators, private and public sector payers, and grassroots organizations of engaged clinicians, healthcare workers, and hospitals. Through CERTAIN, Washington State is transforming its healthcare system into a learning system that will have a lasting benefit for all.

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The Partnership between Quality Improvement and Comparative Effectiveness Research

During the Fifth Annual SCOAP Statewide Retreat, Dr. Sean Sullivan gave a presentation on comparative effectiveness research and the unique partnership between SCOAP and CERTAIN that creates a learning health system in Washington State. For an overview of his presentation and to see the slides, click here.